Know the Dangers of Having Breast Implants

Many flat chested women are obsessed with breast enhancement because they want to enhance their physical appearance, improve self-image, increase their level of attractiveness, improve self-esteem, have wide choices of better fitting clothes and to enhance physical intimacy with a partner. This obsession pushed women to go even further by subjecting themselves under the knife to enhance their breasts size. Although larger breasts could satisfy women and could make them feel better about their appearance, going into drastic measures to enhance one’s physical appearance need careful thinking. Although there are successful breast enhancement surgeries, surgery is still an invasive procedure that could turn into a disaster. It is not uncommon to hear about women who experienced not so good results with breast enhancement surgery. Breast enlargement surgery make use of implants and once a foreign object is inserted in a human body, anomalies or complications could happen. It is important to know the dangers of having breast implants before making a decision of putting yourself under the knife.

So what are the dangers of having breast implants? First, you have to know that there are two types of breast implants, the saline implant and silicone implant. Although there are differences in their composition, both are still foreign materials and could endanger one’s health when something went wrong while they are resting inside your body.

Implants do not last a lifetime. Implants will eventually leak and rupture which can be very dangerous if not detected at once. The scary part is that nobody knows when the implants will actually break or rupture. Some implants rupture after a few months and some lasted for years. Saline implants rupture or leakage are easy to notice because of the changes in breast size as the liquid leaks out. Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater and once the implant leaks, the body will absorb the fluid. Although the sterile water could not cause serious health issues, the shell of saline implant is made from silicone and could cause health risks. With silicone implants, leakage or rupture is not easy to detect and MRI is needed to monitor the implants. Sometimes rupture could only be detected when there are already serious complications and health issues. The silicone gel from ruptured silicone implant could spread and affect lymph nodes and other body organs resulting to a variety of health issues which can be very fatal. When it comes to the dangers of having breast implants, implant rupture is on the top of the list.

Complications. The dangers of having breast implants include the complications that come with it. Any surgery involves risks of complications during and after the procedure. Complications may include allergic reaction to anaesthesia, abnormal bleeding, necrosis or skin death, breasts infections, build-up of molds or bacteria on the implants, numbness or over sensitivity of nipples, inability to breastfeed, memory loss, fatigue, metal poisoning (silicone implants contain platinum), capsular contracture and cosmetic issues like scarring and asymmetry issues. There are cases that complications are so serious that they can be life threatening.

Expensive monitoring and maintenance. The dangers of having breast implants do not just include your physical health but also your financial health. The expenses for the monitoring and maintenance of your breast implant could be a burden that could put your financial capability in danger. Aside from the breast enhancement procedure that could cost thousands of dollars, there are reports that many women who got breast augmentation end up needing corrective surgeries which of course could be very costly. Periodic monitoring of your implants, breast health and overall health could also be very expensive. You will spend money on your breasts as long as you have the implants to be sure nothing will go wrong. Regular breast MRI and mammogram are required to monitor the condition of breast implant and to monitor your breast health. Cosmetics surgeries, corrective surgeries and any breast diagnostic monitoring are usually not covered by insurances so you have to spend your own money.

Autoimmune diseases. Although it is still debatable, there are reports that breast implants are linked to autoimmune diseases. Some women with breast implants are diagnosed with diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Although it is yet to be proven that breast implants actually caused these diseases, would you risk your health or put your life at stake just to get the breasts size you want?

The dangers of having breast implants should be taken into great consideration before making a drastic decision to go under the knife. Remember that it is always good to be alive and healthy. There are two ways to deal with your flat chest without the dangers of surgery. One is by accepting to love your body and second is by exploring non-surgical breast enhancement options. To know more about natural treatments visit Herbal Breast Enhancement.

Reduce Overly Large Breasts – What Are Your Options

Breast size can affect women’s lives in so many ways. Disproportionate breasts size can affect the psychological, physical and sexual well-being of any woman. While other women are thinking about breast implants and augmentation, there are women who want to reduce overly large breasts. Contrary to what others believe, large breasts size is not always favorable for women. Carrying excessively huge breast comes with a lot of psychological and health issues.

Women want breast reduction for cosmetic and medical reasons. They want to look good and most importantly they want to get rid of the chronic pain and discomfort associated with carrying huge heavy breasts. Big breasted women are very concerned about their physical appearance and posture. They are also very troubled and unhappy with the restricted physical activities and the physical discomfort brought by heavy breasts. Reducing breast size has its benefits but of course in choosing a breast reduction method you have to weigh the benefits and the risks. If you want to reduce overly large breasts, it is important to know your options.

Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery. This is a procedure performed under general anesthesia where a large volume of breast tissues are removed to reduce overly large breast size. The nipples maybe relocated for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. In most cases, this procedure is performed on big breasted women who are suffering from serious health issues and physical discomfort in carrying huge heavy breasts. In general, breast reduction can improve the quality of life of big breasted women and it can be a life changing experience but along with the benefits, you also have to think about the risks. Breast surgeries are accompanied by possible risks like bleeding, infections, scarring, reactions to anesthesia, breastfeeding issues, lost of nipple sensation, breast asymmetry issues and uneven repositioning of the nipples. Of course an ideal breast reduction aims for complications-free procedure that bleeding problems and infections will not occur, that the function of the breasts and the sensitivity of the areola and nipples should not be jeopardized and the appearance of the breasts are symmetrical with the proper repositioning of nipples. There are successful procedures and there are women who are satisfied with the results of their reduction mammaplasty but there are also those who have regrets. If you are considering reduction mammaplasty to reduce overly large breasts, it is important to do your homework and think carefully. You should take into account the credentials of the surgeon, cost of the procedure and all the facts about the procedure before subjecting yourself under the knife. Understand and know what you are getting yourself into because your health and safety is your responsibility.

Liposuction. Another option to reduce overly large breasts is liposuction. Unlike breast mammaplasty where breast tissues are removed, liposuction is a procedure performed for removing excess fats so this procedure is not suitable for all women when it comes to breast reduction. Big breasted overweight women with excess breast fats may benefit more on this procedure. Minimum scarring is one of the advantages of this procedure.

Herbal breast reduction treatment. The use of herbal treatments has been around for decades where parts of herbal plants like their roots and leaves were used to remedy different health and beauty problems. With advances in technology, some herbal treatments now come in pills form without losing their medicinal or healing properties. With the growing numbers of women suffering from macromastia or overly huge breasts, nutritionists and scientists came up with breast reduction pills made from herbal ingredients targeting the fatty cells in the mammary glands to reduce breast size. They are now becoming popular. Of course taking herbal remedies to reduce overly large breasts is a personal choice and you also have to do the necessary checking about the brand and the pills you are going to take. It is also best to consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedies to ensure your health. Herbal remedies are another option for women who want to reduce overly large breasts and not willing to go under the knife.

You do not have to suffer the pain and discomfort of carrying excessively huge heavy breasts because there are options for you. If you want to explore on natural breast reduction treatments, visit Reduce Large Breasts Naturally.

What Breast Enhancement Herbs Are Most Effective When It Comes To Natural Augmentation?

The existence of breast enhancement herbs has been a part of natural medicine on every continent for centuries. The herbs that are documented to naturally enhance and even enlarge breasts fall into the category of ‘phytoestrogens’. These are chemicals found in plants, and they produce similar effects to that of estrogen in the human body.

This is a good thing, because it is estrogen that produces breast growth in the body in the first place. When the hormone increases in the body during pregnancy, for instance, growth is stimulated and mothers-to-be wake up one day feeling like Dolly Parton, even if they were only a 34A the night before.

Although breast enlargement herbs do not cause results this dramatic, they can, if used consistently and by the directions, cause breasts to grow over the course of a month or so. Some products claim that their breast enhancement herbs can cause breast growth of up to two sizes, and they usually claim that the new growth is permanent.

Many women feel that they could use a size or two more in their bust, and studies do show that women have better self esteem when they feel good about their bust line. There is always the expensive and sometimes dangerous surgical route, but the natural breast enhancement herbs that have been used for centuries can be worth their weight in gold to the lucky woman who discovers them. Most companies will tell you that they don’t work for everyone, but they do work for most people. And the good companies will offer you a money back guarantee, so you can try the breast enhancement herbs at no risk.

The herbs that have been found to be most useful are: saw palmetto, Don Quai, wild yam, dandelion root, blessed thistle, kava, and the herb from Thailand called Pueraria Mirifica, and fenugreek. Fenugreek is an interesting herb that was used for centuries by harem girls in the Middle East to produce more healthy breast tissue, thus enlarging their breasts. Taken internally, this is one of the best breast enhancement herbs.

Saw palmetto, too, has been used for centuries in North and South America. It is a Native American herb that is often recommended by naturopathic physicians for natural breast enlargement. Wild yam is another of the natural breast enlargement herbs, and it has been recommended by some not only for breast enhancement but for breast health as well. It can be used in conjunction with fenugreek for a more dramatic effect than either herb alone.

Of the other breast enlargement herbs, Pueraria Mirifica is a very interesting and more recent addition to Western herbal health. Also known in Thailand as Kwao Krua, it has only recently become commercially available in the West, since it took a while for the Thailand government to share its ancient remedy with the rest of us. Pueraria Mirifica is known not only for breast enhancement of up to 80 percent by Thailand scientific studies, but it has been shown to help with general breast health, and some say that it helps offset a woman’s chance of breast cancer.

Generally, breast enhancement herbs serve to create more healthy breast tissue by stimulating breast growth in much the same way that estrogen would. As for safety, these herbs get a “GRASE” rating by the FDA, meaning they are “generally regarded as safe and effective”. Although the powers that be in the US do not stand behind them 100 percent because of the shortage of scientific studies on their effectiveness, breast enlargement herbs, much like many of the most popular and effective herbal remedies in this country, may fly beneath the radar, but they still give most women who try them a bigger bust line and a even a sunnier view of themselves.